Artist Statement

My practice has strong links through ideas rooted in personal experience, which then open up to address politics in a ‘soft’ way, or ‘a gentle screaming’. I combine the two, which reflects the personal and universal understanding of the work.

I note all the usual things and fragments of commonplace experience through my life. People witness extraordinary things when they are in the unusual conditions, situations or positions. There is a hierarchy, however the things at the base are as important as those at the top. The things, that people see a lot of times in both public and private spaces, represent elements of today. The current world would be fully recognised if people watched fragments more carefully on part of ordinary routine. I use everyday materials and install daily situations in my practice. And it is as the artist demonstrates, how to understand humankind. Human experience has a relationship between fundamental human feeling and the current social situation. And my works of art connect experiences with each observer. I try and make the artworks like natural events rather than artificial ones.

I was a TV news cameraman before becoming an artist. This career makes me grapple with problems with realism, not narratives or romances, in the same thing on journalism. We do not need a big event to comprehend what’s going on in this world, because I think our current world is going to change slowly and softly, and this is represented in our daily life’s situation.




2012 – 2016, Goldsmiths BA Fine Art, University of London

2007 – 2012, work as a TV news cameraman in Japan

1979, born in Shizuoka, Japan




“Degree Show 2016”, Goldsmiths Collage, University of London


“On The Threshold” Durham University’s Oriental Museum and Lafcadio Hearn Cultural Centre, Durham, UK

“12 x 12” artFix, London

“Poetic Fancies” Candid Art Centre, London


“Art Athina 2014” via Lubomirov-Easton (, Athens, Greece

“Mixed Begetables” Menier Gallery, London







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